I Married A Man For Two Years Not Knowing He Was A Ghost-Woman Shares Sad Story


My name is Rose Wilbert, I live in Los Angeles where I ones lived with my mum and dad. I parted from my family at the age of 25 and decided to make life on my own.

I moved to a different neighborhood, two hours drive from where I was staying initially. I use to visit my parents at weekends, I usually go there on Friday, spend the weekend with them and go back to my place on Sunday.

During this time, I was working as a waiter in a Cafe downtown. It was called MacDonald Cafe. I loved my job and I enjoyed every minute I spend there.

Although the salary wasn’t that huge, but it was fair enough for my basic keeping.

A year down the line, a good friend of mine named Dorine Cole told me about a job Vacancy in a bar. I loved the work at the Cafe though, but I needed more money for my up keeping.

One Friday after work, I took a bus and went straight to the bar, I entered and they were almost closing. I asked to see the owner of the bar and I was accompanied to an office by one of the workers to the back of the bar.

I entered and met an old man, who would probably be in his 80’s. I greeted him and I told him the reason why I was there.

He told me I came at right time, and that they were in need of workers urgently. I asked about the salary and it was three times higher than what I was being paid at the Cafe. I told the man I was willing to work and he told me I could start work on Monday.

Everything happened so fast that I didn’t get time to notify the owner of the Cafe that I wasn’t going to work there anymore. On Monday, I arrived at the bar at 5pm since work would be starting at 7pm, and that being my first day, I need not to be late. I was given my uniform and I was showed my work at the bar. I was to serve in the VIP section of the bar.

My first day was amazing, I received lots of incentives from the rich men who used the bar. The incentive I got from the rich men for my first day was even higher than the one I was receiving at the Cafe, so due to this, I became eager to stay and continue to work there forever.

During my time at the bar, I noticed one thing. There was this rich man who used to come to the bar every Friday, from his look one could tell that he was very wealthy, he always bought the most expensive wine in the bar, but he never used the VIP section. He was always seen at the regular section.

Everyone keeps talking about him and the reason why a wealthy man as he was never bothered to use the VIP section.

One Friday evening, after the bar was emptied, the rich man was still there, he seemed to be lost in his thoughts because he had maintained the same posture for almost an hour or two.

I walked up to him and told him calmly that the bar was closed. I repeated it about three to four times before he came back to himself. He paid his bill and I offered to help him with his briefcase to his car, he smiled and agreed. I took the briefcase and we both walked out of the bar together. He was driving a black range rover, I placed the briefcase in the front seat and turned to walk away. He called me back and told me that no one has treated him nicely like the way I did for a long time.

He asked of my name and I told him, and from there we had a little chat and I went back into the bar. We packed up everything and I went into the inner room, change myself and bid everyone good bye.

To my surprise, he was still outside at the exact spot I left him. I asked him what he was still doing there and he told me that he was waiting for me. He offered to drive me home and for minutes I tried to discourage the idea but he was very persuasive that I wasn’t able to resist it. I entered the car and sat in the front, he started the car and off we went. My house was just a few blocks away from the bar. On our way, we engaged in a conversation as if we had been friends for a long time. I remember asking him, why such a rich man like him who always buys the most expensive wine in the bar always comes to such a bar. It was a big place though, but there were places much luxurious than the bar I work in, and why he never used the VIP section.

He only smiled and said that was what he wants to do and nothing more. He told me about how he use to watch me when am serving the other rich guys and the reason why a nice lady like me worked in such a place. I told him I needed enough money to take care of myself. In no time we got to my house and I opened the door to come out. He requested for my contact and I gave it to him. Later on that evening, he called to check on me and we had a chat on the phone too.

Since then, he was always waiting for me on Friday after he comes to drink and after work to drive me home. Through this, we became good friends and we went out on several occasions. I was beginning to like him not because he was a rich man, but he was very humble, nice and he is mindful of whatever he says.

One day, he took me to the beach to have fun, we were having fun and he told me that he had something to tell me. Initially, I had no idea what he wanted to tell me, but later on, looking at the angle at which he was coming from, everything was clear to me now. He wanted me to be his girlfriend, since I already liked him, I didn’t hasitate in accepting the proposal. So since that moment, we were officially dating. He had lots of houses which I never knew of. He took me on a tour to all of his houses one Saturday and I was so overwhelmed.

During the dating period, I still worked at the bar and he didn’t tell me stop. He told me if that was what made me happy, then I can continue working there.

One and a half year of dating, we finally got married. During the dating period, I always asked him of his family, but anytime I ask, he always smile and tells me that,in the right time I will get to meet them.

Our wedding was a court signed wedding, with only my parents and the two of us present. A year down the line, I got pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy, and we decided to name him after his father, Micheal Wilbert. Our son received all the love and support a child could get from his parents. After birth, I stopped work at the bar and sat home completely.

After the birth of our son, the ego to meet his parents or at least any of his relatives became so strong and consistent on him that finally he decided to take us to see his parents. It was the second year of our marriage and we were celebrating two year anniversary. I was so excited that finally I was going to meet his parents. Everything was ready and off we went in his red Ferrari. He said his parents place was five hours drive. It was somehow a long journey though, but I wasn’t bothered because I was going to meet his parents.

We went a long way and finally he pointed a house on a hill that we are finally here. Immediately he pointed the house out to me, our car began to give a funny sound. Automatically the car stopped, I asked what the fault was and he explained some technical things about cars which I never understood.

He asked us to go ahead to the house, he would call a mechanic to come check on it and catch up with us. He stopped a taxi and I together with my son got into the taxi and the driver drove off. He told me to ask for Charles Wilbert when we get to the house.

A few kilometer drive and we finally got to a very huge house with a brown gate, just like one of his houses. I rang the bell and a stout old man came out. With a smile on his face, he asked who I was and I introduced myself as Mrs. Willbert, the wife of Michael Wilbert their son. I told him that, our car broke down so he was checking on it. I noticed when the look on his face change, but I pretended not to notice.

He invited us inside, I met an old woman who introduced herself as Marilyn. We sat down and began to ask me about Michael and how I met him. I narrated everything to them and even told them that we had a son.

All of a sudden, Marilyn ( Michaels mum) broke into uncontrollable tears and got out of the room. I was completely lost because I didn’t know what I did wrong. Mr. Wilbert ask me to excuse him and he also went out to join Marilyn. During the time they were away, I kept wondering what I might have done wrong.

A few minutes after, they both came in and sat in front of me. Mr. Willbert was behaving in such a way as if though he was gathering courage to say something and finally he broke out to speak.

He said Michael was their son though, but he died in a car crash six years ago when they were on their way from a picnic. So they are much surprised how a dead person was my husband. Our son looked just like him, and I showed some pictures of him, everything was like a dream. I found it hard to believe what they were saying, so I asked to be taken back to where our car broke down. Mr. Willbert asked his driver to drive us to the spot where I said we left Micheal.

We got there as fast as we could and to our surprised, nobody was there, I tried calling his phone and it was Unreachable. I made us continue to almost all the mechanic shops but there was no sign of him. I made us search several places for him and he seems to vanish from the surface of the earth.

They took me to the cemetery and showed me his grave, there was a picture of him on the grave stone.

That was when everything occurred clearly to me that the man I married for two years was actually a ghost.


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