Kennedy Agyapong Is Big Time Money Launderer – Ibrah One Fires


Ibrah One threatened weeks ago to expose maverick lawmaker, Kennedy Agyapong of money laundering among other shady deals the Member of Parliament is involved in.

Ibrah One did not only threaten but also said that if Kennedy doesn’t apologize to him within 24hrs he and President Akufo Addo will die.

This got the Member of Parliament furious and threatened to expose Ibrah One on most of the illegal deals he does in the country if he feels he can expose him.

The elder brother of Ibrah One ran to Kennedy and apologized on his brother’s behalf stating that his brother has a mental condition.

In a post again by Ibrah One today, he has disclosed that the news of he being a Bipolar is lies that were purported by Kennedy and his fake doctor but he will make sure to expose him on Wednesday.

He pleaded on his brother to give him back all his three seized phones on which he has information about the Member of Parliament.

Screenshot Below:


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