Marry Two Wives Or More – Ras Mubarak To Men


Kumbungu Member of Parliament, Ras Mubarak, has encouraged African men to marry at least two wives since it is an exciting thing to do.

According to him, the idea of a single wife is un-African and must not be binding on African men.

Speaking on Starr Chat, the former GBC broadcaster said marrying two wives has calmed him down.

“I will encourage every African man to have two wives or more if you can, it is an exciting thing to do. The idea of one wife is not an African thing, we just copied from the West

“I’m first an African man before a Muslim, marrying two wives has made me calmer,” he told Bola Ray on Starr Chat.

He also disclosed that he will go into weed farming after leaving Parliament in December.

“I’m going to cultivate cannabis but not for smoking rather for industrial use. Marijuana cultivation is a multimillion job opportunity and other places are making so much from it,” he said.



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