Pastor Beaten ‘Tsakaa’ For Demanding Naked Photos From Policeman’s Wife


Whilst Coronavirus is teaching a lot of us sense as to how to be in our corner and mind our businesses, others are busily chasing after trouble.

Since most men have vowed to follow the hairy hole of females even to their graves, chaos has also decided to follow them anywhere they go.

A disturbing news item reaching the news desk of this Portal has it that a renowned man of God is currently licking his wounds and feeling like a fish out of water after a woman he has been chasing betrayed him.

The powerful man of God, Bishop Ansah Lotsi (name of church withheld because of the investigations) had been proposing to his newest church member for sometime only for him to be confronted by the woman’s husband who is a police officer.

From the featured image above, it could be deduced that the confrontation did not end well as the officer beat the man of God mercilessly for refusing to accept his blemish in the first place.

The messages the man of God and the virtuous wife shared was chanced upon by our reporter, Citizen Kwodwo.

Read their chat below:


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