PHOTO Of Dwarf Family Goes Viral

This cute photo of a family consisting of Dwarf father, heavily pregnant mother and daughter is going viral on the internet.
The photo was first released on Instagram by the family to celebrate mother’s day and the photo has been shared by thousands of people across all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.
The photo according to many people makes one believe that true love exists. Many people also used the opportunity to pray for the mother to deliver their second child safely. Dwarfism is a rare condition that affects the cells responsible for the growth of a human children and it is primarily hereditary.
This means that it can be transferred from the parents to the children. It makes the child not to grow at the pace which is expected, even though other parts of the body develop during puberty. In the past, people with dwarfism especially in this part of the world suffer from a very high level of discrimination especially when it comes to Job opportunities, marriage etc.
Discrimination has reduced, but only by a small margin. The world would be a little better if we accept all people as they are and give them equal opportunities as well.



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