Some Single Ladies Are Spiritually Married To Snakes,Woods – Lawrence Tetteh


International televangelist Lawrence Tetteh has decoded the reason why some people find it difficult to find their partners when they are of age.

Speaking on New Day on TV3 on Friday, July 17, the Founder and President of Worldwide Miracle Outreach said some may have entered into mysterious relationships while young and these may be having an effect on them now.

He told host Berla Mundi that some are even spiritually married to deities including rivers, animals and trees and same prevent them from physically getting hooked up.

Rev. Dr. Tetteh said no one should be deluded spirituality does not exist.

“When you sleep you don’t know where you are going and as a matter of fact the things that happen in our dreams in most cases manifest in the physical,” he said.

“I know ladies who by the orgasm and the sensational (feeling) and the affection they have in their dreams through sex, (they) don’t even have in normal sex with human beings. It means spiritually you are connected.

“As a matter of fact, anything that happens physically has already happened spiritually,” he stressed.


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