VIDEO: How Patients At Ridge Hospital’s Maternity Ward Are Treated By Nurses


The Greater Accra Regional Hospital formerly known as Ridge Hospital  has an Emergency Maternity Unit that gives prompt attention to patients on daily basis.

When a pregnant patient is rushed to the unit, they are tried by the nurses in charge to determine the urgency of the situation. When a patient has just been tried and her condition is found more serious and attention-demanding than the already admitted cases, the new case is giving an immediate attention to; it does not matter the admission time.

The unit has three categories: section for patients who need urgent resuscitation; patients whose conditions are critical (the red section); and the green cases section for patient who need relatively less attention.

The nurses station at the unit has been designedly placed about six feet away from the red section. This is purported to ensure that the patients are swiftly attended to, in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

The Greater Accra Regional Hospital has made this conscious effort to ensure that pregnant patients are assured of great care and safe and healthy delivery. brings you excerpts of how patients are being taking care of by proficient nurses at the maternity ward.


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