Why COA FS Must Sue Anas Immediately


I ve watched the video by Anas, I think he didn’t do a fair job (on COA FS)

COA FS is not a beauty lotion, neither is it a hair relaxer, it’s a certified Food Supplement by the Food and Drug Authority of Ghana and other certified Institutions, and it’s been promoted and selling as such by the manufacturer.

What makes a product fake?

Having a contaminated batch of a product does not make the whole product fake.

From the credit tags of the Video, it’s either commissioned by BBC, or Produced by Tiger Eye and sold to BBC, I can’t tell who entrapped who into the deal.

“Corona Quacks, Exposing fake Corona cure in Ghana.”

The production set out to expose fake Corona cure in Ghana. Good, and it’s a job worth doing.

The production featured COA FS, but manufacturers of COA FS never at any point claimed to be a cure for Corona.

The potential cure for Corona statement came from the director of Nuguchie so why wasn’t he featured in the production.

The production also featured a Storekeeper of COA FS shop called Kafui.

The Kafui guy is not an accredited sales officer but a STOREKEEPER as Tiger Eye stated

A store keeper is not a trained or qualified professional to prescribe medication for you and does not do sales. What was the purpose for going to engage a store keeper in a friendly conversation and not the accredited sales person.

An easy prey for purpose?

From the video, the Storekeeper is seen having a friendly conversation with a “friend”, a commentary tells us what he is purported to be saying.

if u go to entrap a storekeeper and he tells you stories, you can not hold it against the institution.

The GHC 200 that was paid for the bottle was the official price of the product from the centre.

The commentary described Kafui as “only interested in the money”, which is very unfair to the young man.

In the first place, he did not sell the product above the official price and he didn’t steal it to sell to Tiger Eye, it’s at his office.

And how does collecting money for something you’ve sold, to an interested buyer makes you “only interested in the money” or greedy


You go to buy a product and you filmed yourself paying for it, you then hold it against the seller that he was only interested in the money.

Running personal commentary on an investigative reportage does not make it credible reportage, because you choose to tell us what u want us to hear and direct us to believe what you said is happening. The fact on the scene may be different.

Technically, you can sync words in the character’s mouth to make him sound like saying something he didn’t actually say.

Once again, COA FS is a drug that has been tested and approved by certified institutions

The manufacturer never said anywhere that it’s for curing Corona, it has always been promoted as an immune booster and a food supplement,

which Tiger Eye even attested to a publications by the manufacturer that it’s not for curing Corona which was published before the filming of the production.

What are immune boosters and supplements for?

Having a batch of the product contaminated does not make the product fake.

It happens, from Cars to Phones to Food to all products somehow get challenges during production.

In this competitive world, these may happen sometimes, through negligible oversight, poor supervision or sabotage.

When it happens, the authorities call the attention of the manufacturers and that particular batch is recall from the market.

That does not make the drug fake.This particular work by Anas was to investigate fake Corona cure claimants.Where does COA FS fall in that league since they have not claim to be a cure.

If it’s because people were buying it because of COVID 19, then how about Vitamin C? Or it has no known owner that can be targeted? Anas was seen in the video with the boss of FDA, did she say it’s fake or He didn’t ask her.

Why didn’t he show us that portion of the interview, or the answer didn’t suit his agenda In our line of duty, when the commendations are coming, and we are being applauded, that’s where we must be careful.

Sometimes, when the contract offer is good, it does push you to get something done by all means for the money.

Complacency then sets in, that’s when the entrapper gets entrapped

Then the Big Bang Fall happens

Well, Anas said on Joy fm (June 30, Joy morning show) that he set to do this piece because he was feeling bored during the lock down period, this is what we’ve been served with, he is so excited for having half a million viewers on YouTube in a few hours of publication and trend on social media for about a week.

My brother, if this is your motivation and interest in doing this job, then reposition your focus.

The Anas we know is not this Anas.


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