Woman Confesses To How She Slept With Over 30 Men And Still Dating 20 –


A 39-year old woman with seven children has confessed on Happy98.9FM’s religious and social program, Nsem Pii, that she has a thing for men and that she cannot reject any man that comes her way.

She confessed to Rev. Nyansa Boakwa during the ‘Bone Ka’ segment of the show that she has had sexual relations with over thirty men and she is still dating about twenty of them because she cannot let go of them.

Explaining why she cannot turn them down, she said, “It’s not that I’m shy to say no to them but I see it that I have financial issues so when they come my way, I accept them so that they can help me with money. In the end, they sleep with me and they don’t even help me”.

According to her, she gets angry with herself most of the time and breaks down into tears, praying that she will be able to stop this act but finds herself at their beck and call every time.

The woman disclosed that majority of the time, her mother calls her to send money for the upkeep of her children because their father is not taking responsibility for their children.

Rev. Nyansa Boakwa, upon hearing this story, suggested to help her talk to the father of her children to get him to take responsibility for them so that she can in turn quit sleeping with men for financial support which they do not even provide.


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